1 Does my business require a license?

Every business registered in the Licensing of Business Order (1995) is required to obtain a business license. You can visit the licensing department at the authority where your business is registered in order to find out, or consult with one of our specialists who will be happy to help you, and will usually save you some precious time.

2 Can any interior designer complete the business licensing procedure on my behalf?

No. Handling the licensing procedure requires the signature of the applicator, who had the right of signature given to him by the authorizes parties. Therefore, one must initially check the matter with the designer, who might also be an architectural engineer, an architect or an engineer, legally registered on record!

3 Can I work before I receive my business license?

No. By law, one must first be granted a business license from the authorities, and only then can the place begin operations. Therefore, it is important to consider hiring our services early on in the process. **At the same time, the absolute majority of business owners opens the business and files a business licensing application simultaneously.

4 I am a food-related business. Do I need a storage room in order to receive a license?

Yes. Food businesses are required to have a storage room, but the actual question pertains to the minimal size one is legally obligated to have, something which requires preliminary, pre-execution planning. The requirements vary between locations, according to the size of the businesses and to the number of seats it has. For example, a falafel shop requires a minimal storage space of 6 meters, while a restaurant with up to 30 seats must have a storage space of at least 8 meters in order to obtain a business license. Therefore, before anything else, it is advisable to consult our expert from exact details.

**Sometimes it is possible to use an external storage room, at the distance of up to 25 meters by foot, without crossing any roads!

5 Does opening a kindergarten at home require a business license?

No. Kindergartens, day cares, after-school care and any other business related to caring for the very young ages are exempt from a business license, but not exempt from a nonconforming use permit for the building in which they operate.

6 What is the affidavit the business owner is required to submit to the firefighting authorities?

In January 2017, Israel’s National Fire and Rescue Services initiated amendment 31 to the Licensing of Business Law. Each business that appears in column number 7 in the chart is required to submit the authority with an affidavit signed by an attorney, which states that his business meets the legal requirements, after having checked them on the 102 website.

The business owner must verify the demands and regulations that apply to his/her business, meaning that the responsibility rests solely on the business owner.

*The affidavit must be signed in the presence of an attorney, who confirms the business owner’s signature and obligation in his presence, and signs the document as well.

7 Is every business required to be accessible?

No, but every business that appears in the Licensing of Business Order, and therefore requires a license, is required to be accessible. Some authorities make this process easier for small businesses, but most of them demand accessible service and accessible infrastructure.

8 I would like to know whether a cooking class business requires a business license?

Activities such as cooking classes, schools that offer cooking courses, cooking academies etc., are not required to obtain a business license, according to the Licensing of Business Law and Order, as long as no sales or marketing of any complementary food products are done on the premises.

The number of participants in the class makes no difference, even if it is a couple’s or a family class.

*This information refers to the Licensing of Business Law and does not relate to any ramifications regarding the legalities based on the Planning and Building law or anything else.

9 I was indicted by the local authority. What should I do?

It is possible you were indicted because you operated your business without a license, when in fact it required one. Every case is different. Contact our firm so we can help you through the process.

10 Does placing an oven in the business require the owner to install a range hood?

The main question is what kind of oven it is. Most ovens require a range hood (by law, all pizza and bakery ovens require one). In the case of a Salamander oven, it is not required to install a range hood.

11 Is the new reform relevant when it comes to a business license?

Yes. The law was enacted in 2015, and should substantially shorten the licensing process’ duration.

12 What is a backflow prevention devise, and why am I required to install one?

This device prevents backflow from the main pipeline. The Ministry of Health’s regulations require installing this device in all food-related businesses, under the Licensing of Business Order. You are required to install it in order to prevent the backflow of contaminating factors into the drinking water.

13 What are the five targets of the Licensing of Business Law?
  1. Health
  2. Protection of the environment
  3. Animals
  4. Public safety
  5. Workplace safety

*Given that a business handles one or more of the abovementioned articles, it is required to obtain a business license.

14 What are business license specifications?

The law pertaining to the new reform includes specifications on all of the business in the different categories, according to a very clear division. Each cluster of specifications includes several types of similar businesses.

15 I bought an existing business that already has a license. Am I exempt?

No. If the business experienced any change, including change of ownership, it is mandatory to file a new business licensing application. Contact us and we will do it for you, as quickly as possible and without delay.

16 What is defined as “games”, in item 7.6, section 2B(B) of the Licensing of Business Law?

This is the legal definition: “games played with machines operated mechanically or electrically or in any other way, as well as pool, cards, dice games and so on”. Indeed, it is a little difficult to understand to what exactly this pertains, and what exactly the difference is between “games” and “gaming devices” that require a permit according to  7.10A of the Order.

17 Do I need a business license for a pool table inside a variety store?

The answer is yes. A pool table is listed in the Licensing of Business Order, item 7.6, as “games”, and therefore the business requires a license according to two items: a license for a variety store, and for a pool table.

18 What is the minimal size for opening a bar/pub?

The regulations do not specify the minimal size a bar/pub must be to require a business license, but when discussing a business that does not serve food, it can be of a minimal size of some 25 square meters. The location should have a storage room, a restroom and a serving bar. The size is a derivative of the number of people sitting on the premises.

19 I am opening a foot-rubbing (massage) business at the heart of Tel Aviv, of some 48 square meters, and the property owner is requesting a business license permit. How long until I get my license?

Firstly, a body/foot massage parlor does not require a business license. At the end of 2013, registration item 1.4E was removed from the Licensing of Business Order, and therefore, this business does not require a license.

20 Does opening a pastry shop require a Ministry of Health license? No production is done on the premises, but frozen products are baked on location.

Every food-related business is obligated to obtain the Ministry of Health’s authorization. True, this type of bakery does not require a manufacturing license, since there are no raw materials involved and the doughs and pastries are provided frozen, and only require baking. Still, the kitchen must be designed according to the dining establishment regulations.

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